Let's make a BIG snow-STATUE
in Sapporo Snow Festival!

Youth Festival

(Last updated Feb.1997)

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About Sapporo Snow Festival

You can see many BIG snow statues and many beutiful ice art. Sapporo Snow Festival is the most famous winter festival in Japan.

The characteristic of our group

Map Is it enough for you only to 'see' them? In fact, the best amusement is 'making' them. How do you join.....? There are many groups who make snow statues. - Citizens, Enterprises, Army and so on. For foreigners, there is 'International Contest'. But it 's not so easy. And there are too high quality arts. Join us! Anybody have a chance to make a BIG snow statue in our group. Qualification is only 'youth'.


1. Ther is a few people who can speak international language in our group. I think It' s no problem only if you had smile and energy even though you would not speak Japanese.
2. It 's OK even though you wlould not stay Sapporo so mach days.
3. If you would join us, please let us know it, before you arrive our base.
(by S.Konno)


Photo There are photographes of our activity. Please enjoy them.

Go !

( 1997 )
09 Jan.Explanation meeting for people. (19:00- @Sapporo citizen hall)
15 Jan.Carrying in materials.
18 Jan.Opening party of our base
19 Jan.-04 Feb.Build up snow statues.
08 Feb.-11 Feb.Enjoy games on our snow statues.
12 Feb.Carrying out materials.
( You may join us at any time. )


Our snow statue will be in
'Wakamono no saiten hiroba' Oodoori West10 Chyuuou Ward Sapporo City.

From Chitose International Airport :
Get on JR line to Sapporo station. And-> Get on subway 'Nanbokusen' to 'Makomanai houmen' (South-North line to Makomanai). (! Don't get on 'Touhousen' , because of complicated way.) And-> Soon (next station) you arive 'Oodouri' station. Then-> Change line to 'Touzaisen' to 'Kotoni houmen' (East-West line to Kotoni). And-> Soon (next station) you arive 'Nishi juuitchyoume' station. Then-> Get off subway. Our base is there.

Telephone number of our base : Japan-11-271-7449

Statues Now
This picture was taken Feb.04th. Crick this, then large one would come appear.

Design of our statues

Ask us
The office of our group is :
"Sapporo Seishounen Rengou" (Sapporo Youth Union)
Tel : Japan-11-513-5544 (1:00pm - 8:00pm @ Japanese time)
---( The employee can not speak English. )
- or -
E-mail to me.
Mail adress is " XC2S-KNN@asahi-net.or.jp " .
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if you like this project. And let's know to other sites.
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" http://www.asahi-net.or.jp/~XC2S-KNN/snow.html "
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Organizer :37th Youth Festival Comittee ("Wakamono no sai-ten jikkou-iin-kai")
Maneger :Sapporo Youth Union ("Sapporo sei-syou-nen rengou")

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